Hello, my name is Samantha Muir-Vargo, I’m a busy mom with two busy boys.

I’ve been interested in the process of pregnancy and birth since the first time I witnessed a homebirth at the age of 16.  I read every book about pregnancy, labour, birth and baby care that I could get my hands on.  All my essays written for school focused on midwifery care and the idea that birth IS normal. I continued to pursue my love of birth and began doula work immediately following high-school.

I began to work in a midwifery clinic after the homebirth of my first son.

I love being exposed to women in all different stages of pregnancy, hearing their experiences, watching their bellies grow and finally being able to watch them grow as mothers, and honoured when asked to be a part of their labour process as their birth doula.

Placenta Encapsulation entered my radar after the birth of my second son.

Something about it just made sense to me.  Everywhere else in nature animals eat their placenta after the birth of their babies, what makes us so different? Why can’t we also benefit from this process?

From there I began by offering my services to women who were looking to have a different post-partum experience a second time around.  The feedback has been incredible.  These women were up and feeling great, no threat of baby blues or PPD, their energy levels were up, their milk was in and they had a great outlook for life with 2 (or more!) children. The feedback has been similar with women having had their first baby.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of women’s lives and having had a small hand in a positive post-partum experience.

On top of being a busy mother, working at a midwifery clinic, doula work, encapsulating placentas, renting out TENS machines, I’m also a trained chef and somehow find time to play roller-derby three times a week!