Placenta Encapsulation

About Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation is the process of preparing the mother’s placenta after the birth of her baby. I follow the TCM (Traditional Chinese Method) preparation which involves the placenta being rinsed, the membranes separated and the umbilical cord removed. The placenta is then steamed and dehydrated. After the dehydration process the placenta is then ground into a fine powder and placed into capsules for the mother to ingest. The ingestion of the placenta is known as “placentophagy”.

The purpose of placentophagy is to reintroduce beneficial vitamins, minerals, hormones, proteins and other nutrients to her body following labour and delivery that experts say are retained in the placenta. Taking these placenta capsules can help to restore balanced body function, help to prevent the ‘baby blues’, ward off post-partum depression, aid in the production of breast milk, promote healing, increase energy levels and provide an overall easier transition from pregnancy to the post-partum period.

The Placenta is composed of many Healing Properties of the Placenta the known ingredients are:


For the promotion of lactation and aids in bringing in mother’s milk


For decreasing pain and increasing bonding between mother and infant. Promotes let-down reflex in breastfeeding

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

For energy boosts and support in recovery from stressful events


For the reduction of inflammation and swelling, to promote healing


Oxygen carrying protein aids in replenishing iron post-partum, increasing energy and decreasing fatigue. Iron deficiency and anemia are a very common condition after the birth of a baby.


Helps the uterus contract after birth. Helps the uterus to return to pre-pregnancy size. Have anti-inflammatory effects.

Urokinase inhibiting factor and factor XIII

Stops bleeding and enhances wound healing


Triggers the immune system in protecting and fighting infection

Service includes:

  • Pick up of your placenta (s) within Victoria (Pickup available anywhere within the CRD)

  • Placenta preparations and encapsulation process

  • Amber glass jars are provided for storage of the completed capsules

  • Written instructions for proper storage and handling

  • Suggestions for ingestion amounts

  • A dried umbilical cord keepsake

  • Digital photos of your placenta can also be provided upon request

  • Drop off at home or hospital of your capsules

Birthing Your Way Victoria fees for Placenta Encapsulation are $180. Fee payment is outlined in the Placenta Encapsulation Contract 2015

Once you have decided that Placenta Encapsulation is for you,

read and print the Birthing Your Way Victoria Placenta Encapsulation Contract 2015 and contact me by phone or email as soon as possible. It is ideal to appoint one person on your birthing team to take care of your placenta. Have this person phone me immediately following birth so that I can pick up your placenta and start the process right away. I am available to pick up your placenta between the hours of 8am and 8pm. If you have your baby outside of these hours be sure to have your care provider place your placenta into two bags, or a bucket. Have your appointed person ensure that the placenta is being kept cold. Bring a cooler with you if you are planning a hospital birth, as you will not be allowed to store your placenta in the refrigerator at the hospital.However, ice is freely provided.

Depending on the time of day that I receive your placenta, it usually takes 24-48 hours to receive your completed placenta capsules.