TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, and has been successfully used for many years by pregnant women and professional midwives to combat labour pains as well as discomfort often experienced before and after labour.

HOW DOES TENS WORK? As the TENS machine is providing the electrical impulses, the body releases endorphins (Natural Pain Killers). These endorphins block out pain messages to the brain, which in turn provides an alternative focus providing a sense of control over contraction pain.
• It releases endorphins (natural pain killers)
• Uses the gate control pain theory (blocks out pain messages to the brain)
• It gives an alternative focus and provides a sense of control over contraction pain

Why use an Elle TENS machine?


Safe for baby


Drug free pain control


Instant long lasting pain relief


No side effects or drowsiness


Control is at your fingertips with the boost button


Can be used at home from the onset of contractions


Can be used with other methods/drugs


Safe and easy to use at home or in the hospital


Proven up to 90% effective for reducing labour pain


Non -invasive allowing women the freedom to move and walk about

What does TENS feel like?

The TENS emits a pleasant tingling sensation on the skin where the pads are placed; the intensity is fully adjustable by the user.

When do I start using the TENS machine?

The use of the Elle TENS during early labour releases endorphins throughout labour. It is recommended to start using the TENS machine at the onset of contractions whether you are at home or hospital.

How long should the Elle TENS be used?

The Elle Tens machine should be used for a minimum of 60 minutes and can be used as long as desired during labour.

Is the Elle TENS machine safe?

Yes, TENS machines are specifically designed for labour. It has been professionally researched, tried and tested. The Elle TENS Machine is safe to use with other pain medications. It is not to be used over broken or desensitized skin. It is not safe for use in water or if you have a pacemaker. Please discuss use with your Doctor or Midwife if you have epilepsy or want to use the Elle TENS prior to 37 weeks. The Elle TENS machine is a great natural way of coping with labour pain. It is complimentary with medical pain relief options as well.

What is included with a Birthing Your Way Victoria TENS machine rental?

• 5 weeks rental of an Elle TENS machine
• 4 large self-adhesive electrodes
• 2 leads and 1 spare
• Carrying pouch
• User instructions
• Book guide for use during labour and in the post-partum period
• Arrangements for pick up and or drop off can be arranged

Birthing Your Way Victoria fees for Machine Rental is $80

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